What is My Healthy Living?

MHL is a program run by a registered dietician, Antonette Grant in Rustenburg. It is a weight loss program which specializes in changing your lifestyle and eating habits for good.

The focus is not only on healthy eating and good food choices, but also on a healthy mindset regarding eating and food choices as well as promoting a form of enjoyable, sustainable exercise.

Thus it is a program based on balanced nutrition, an active, healthy lifestyle and a balanced approach to living.

How does it Work?

Patients referred by doctors can consult her in private and join the MHL program as a manner of follow-ups and others that are not referred by doctors, but wants to lose weight can start with the MHL program anytime.

Members that join can attend weekly group sessions where they will be weighed and once a month measured to monitor centimeter loss. The main focus is education and motivation. Education is by means of weekly group sessions about various food and weight loss related topics like: basic principles of weight loss, kilojoules, portion control, mindful eating, cravings, emotional eating and many more. The weekly weigh-ins are motivational and monitor a person’s progress and members get time to share experiences and recipes etc.

Members also receive a meal plan to follow that assist them in achieving their goals.

The program is suitable for men and women of all ages and even older children and pregnant ladies can join.

Further Details


Group sessions:
NG Protea Park
Cnr. Bergbos & Witstinkhout Ave.

Private sessions:
Call the dietician to make an appointment – 0823762128

Patients with diet related disease like diabetes, cholesterol, hypertension, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and those whom need to lose weight or needs information regarding sport nutrition, can be assisted.


Group sessions: (Thursdays only)

Morning class @ 9:00
Evening class @ 17:00


Private sessions:
Medical aid fees for the year apply.

Group sessions:
R200 registration and R300 per month.

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